These Photos of Cats and Dogs Underneath Are the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

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Cute animals always make us go “aw.” But have you tried to appreciate their cuteness from another angle? Life Advancer goes underneath – yes, below the pets we know and love. We’re here to prove that all pets look cute no matter how you look at them. The following photos of cats and dogs from underneath will convince you.

The Under Projects

These cuties are part of the Under projects created by avid photographer and blogger Andrius Burba, who says that photographing pets against a black background has become his specialty. He designed a glass table that allowed him to photograph bigger pets. He has plans to devote his time to two other projects – Underlook and Tigers.

And his hard work has been worth the while. One cannot help but smile when looking at these cuties. We showcase two of  Burba’s collections – Under Cats and Under Dogs. We have picked a few of the cutest photographs.

Cutest Photos of Cats and Dogs from Underneath

Kind Shiba

Animals can emote. This Shiba Inu’s compassionate eyes and wholesome grin win over in an instant. Burba has encapsulated his kindness.

Animal Contortionist

Looking at these pictures upside down makes us realize how we coined the term “catfish” —this little kitty doors justice to the name.


This little guy has given the word “catwalk” a new meaning. Burba has made it seem as though he’s going to take a stroll sideways, and looks cute doing it.


Pomeranians make you go aw! Even from below. This one is a real furball on four paws.

Breakdancing Pup

This fellow looks as though he got into the breakdancing craze a bit too late. But it seems that he had fun doing it!

Feline Bender

No one can outdo his feline friend either. This kitty has made a bit for top acrobat by making a few bends and looks adorable doing it.

A Flat Thai Ridgeback

If you think that dogs are adorable (and they are), you haven’t seen one from underneath. This Thai Ridgeback pup that Burba managed to position on his table looks like someone’s well-fitted cashmere.

And that expression is priceless. Nothing can match its inquisitiveness as it tries to figure out how to get from Point A to B.

Cashmere Scarf

This fellow looks like a cashmere sweater or scarf that everyone wants to wear. You could also say that he’s given the term “catfish a new meaning.

Cheshire Cat

This fur-friend looks like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Burba’s photo shows an uncanny resemblance!

The Aristocat

Those of us who are old enough may remember the Aristocats, a group of aristocratic cats that have to find a way to outwit an evil butler to claim the fortune bequeathed to them by their owner. This little one resembles the Siamese cats they come across.

Burba has proven that pets are adorable, no matter our perspective. Have fun viewing these pictures of cats and dogs from underneath! Meanwhile, check the photographer’s Facebook and Instagram for even more cuteness. You may also want to watch the process of creating these unusual photographs in the video below:

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Image credit: Andrius Burba

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