How to Take Franchise of a Pharma Company?

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Tips for Franchise of a Pharma Company in India

Taking franchise of a pharma company is at boom everywhere around the world. People are earning big profits because of the ever-increasing demand for healthcare services.

Since the business looks lucrative, young and aspiring entrepreneurs want to build their career in the niche.

It takes efforts to start the business and achieve success. However, once it picks up the momentum; it is not difficult to attain great heights.

To take franchise of a pharma company, you are required to follow certain procedures and guidelines.

The blog explains how to proceed. Before going into the details of the procedure, let’s understand how a Pharma Franchise differs from PCD Pharma?

PCD Pharma and Pharma Franchise : The Difference

PCD pharma is different from the franchise in various aspects.

  • The area allotted here is small, and the sales targets are lower.
  • Starting order is low.
  • The segment is for Wholesalers, Retailers, Medical Representatives, and Distributors.

Pharma Franchise covers a broader area, and both sales targets and minimum starting orders are high. You need large money for setting the Pharma Franchise business.

Here, the business owner should have the experience of 10 years or more in the niche, and he should be able to invest up to 5 Lacs.

How to start the business?

  • It needs in-depth research and analysis to choose a pharma company. Since the future of the business is determined by the company you pick and the products you choose, utmost care should be taken at this juncture.
  • Check the availability of the products. Also, you need to ensure the legitimacy of the pharma company. Are all the products displayed on the menu are genuinely available? Since there is always a possibility of encountering fake companies, one must be cautious.
  • Get details of the history of the company, market share, vision, mission, and goals. What is the overall market reputation? All these aspects need to be investigated fully.
  • What are the terms of payments? Is the payment required in advance? If yes, then how much percent? Sometimes, complete payment is asked beforehand whereas it is part payment sometimes. The conditions should be clear, unambiguous, and documented.
  • Discuss the business targets. It is important to establish a credible relationship with the company so that the targets assigned are realistic. It is good for both parties.
  • Sign off the business agreement. It is the last and final process.

Now you are set to start the business. Get, set, and GO!

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