How a PCD Pharma Franchise is Different from a General Pharma Franchise?

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In the franchise mode, a pharmaceutical company gives the authority to market the products to the resellers.

The franchise gets not only the business rights but the required support as well.

The model is an effective and efficient channel of distribution in India. All big and successful pharma companies have been using it for decades.

With the tremendous improvement in the infrastructure and facilities, the business model becomes furthermore lucrative for both parties.

In the pharma franchise business, two terms are prevalent; PCD Pharma Franchise and General Pharma Franchise.

The blog explains how they are different.

Prominent Differences between the PCD and General Pharma Franchise

Before investing into the franchise business, an entrepreneur must know the rules of the business. How to decide whether PCD model is ideal for you or General franchise model?

Here are the noticeable differences between the two.

Area of sales

PCD business is the smaller version of the general franchise. As compared to the latter, it covers a limited area. There can be several PCD franchises in a general franchise.

Thus, it is easy to understand that the PCD model is more beneficial and useful for small investors. They can start the business and make money easily.

For prominant entrepreneurs who have deep pockets, the general model is ideal.


Since the size of a PCD Franchise is small, it needs less money to launch the business as compared to the general model. It can be as low as 10000 bucks. On the other side, you need big money to start a universal franchise.

When the investment is less, the risk is also less.

The return on investment is corresponding to the investment and in the same proportion as well.

However, to begin with the PCD model first is easy. You can expand the business gradually after establishing the understanding of the market and business tactics.


For a general franchise business, the experience and qualifications are more complex than the PCD franchise model.

Therefore, the PCD model seems to be more suitable for novice entrepreneurs.

Product list

In the PCD franchise, the products are limited whereas in the general franchise; the product list is quite extensive.

Distribution contacts or channels

In the PCD model, the owners are directly linked to the retailers, clinics, and chemists. In the General Franchise model, the business owners have a grip over multiple sources of distribution.

Thus, the rules of the game are different in PCD and General franchise model.

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