Blackberries – a rich dose vitamin C, without fats

blackberriesBlackberries are forest fruit, which is rich in compounds supporting health. They can be consumed alone or added to fruit salads, yogurt.

In blackberries can be found small amounts of calories and fat, which makes them suitable food for those whose goal is to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. In an amount of one cup blackberries can detect only 62 calories and less than one gram of fat. The consumption of these berries is a great way to satisfy the craving for something sweet, without adding unnecessary calories and fat to the menu.

Women who are younger than 50 years should consume ’25 fiber daily. The amount of men in the same age group ’38 Foods that are rich in fiber, leaving the feeling of satiety and may reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. In blackberries contain more fiber than many other fresh fruits. In the amount of one glass can be found 7.6 g fiber.

Fresh blackberries are rich in vitamin C – 30,2 mg of said amount of fruits. This is more than 40% of the recommended daily intake for women and around 33% of the daily needs of men of the important vitamin.

Vitamin C can not be stored in the body, so it is important to obtain sufficient quantities of the diet or as supplements.

In black fruit can be found high levels of antioxidants, which limit the damage caused by free radicals. It was also found that blackberries possess antibacterial properties.

Blackberries have a higher fiber content than other fruits. A handful of blackberries contains about 8 grams of fiber, which is twice more than two handfuls of wheat mill.

Fiber is important for proper functioning of the intestines, and they help to maintain a healthy weight. Furthermore, improving health by reducing cholesterol levels.

Favorite forest fruit is rich in tannin. When placed on the skin, tannin has the ability to clamp tissue, contributes to contraction of blood vessels, reducing minor bleeding. In traditional medicine blackberries have been used to treat wounds.

They contain anthocyanins – a group of plant pigments, which are believed to have antioxidant properties. Some anthocyanins inhibit tumor cell growth. Furthermore contain chemical C3G, which belongs to the group of the flavonoids, but they are also effective in the fight against skin cancer and lung.

Blackberries are rich in lutein. It protects the eye from the development of pigmentation in the macular – the region sensitive to light, which is located in the retina. Lutein helps prevent damage caused by solar radiation.

Forest fruit is an excellent source of the mineral manganese. Only a handful of blackberries provides the body with half of the required daily intake of the mineral. Manganese helps the body to form connective tissue, which plays a key role in building strong bone structure.

It contains folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, which plays a pivotal role in cell division and growth of cells. Pregnant women are recommended to take in order to reduce birth defects.

Foods that cope with the cancer

foods Among the main ways to prevent cancer is a healthy lifestyle, as the first is diet. It is recommended that certain foods that have anti-cancer properties.

We offer some foods that have been proven scientifically that can destroy free radicals in the body and prevent the development of cancer.

Green tea. According to experts at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, green tea contains the compound epigallocatechin-3 gallate. It is known that it can destroy cancer cells in the oral cavity without damaging the healthy. It has been found that the composition kehatin, which is also contained in this tea, can prevent prostate cancer in men.

Broccoli. This vegetable contains fiber, which help to eliminate toxins from the body. Like other cruciferous vegetables – cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli also have anticancer properties. They are rich in sulforaphane, which is known to enhance immunity. They contain more protective enzymes, which “wash out” the toxins causing cancer.

Tomatoes. The red berries are a great source of lycopene – kartenoid, which gives tomatoes their characteristic color. It helps in the fight against endometrial cancer according to the study published in Nutrition and Cancer. The consumption of fruit and is useful against cell damage, which can eventually lead to the development of cancer.

Garlic. Phytochemicals, which are found in garlic, destroy carcinogens formed in the stomach and intestines after consumption of nitrates. Contained in this onion allicin can prevent growth of cancer cells by restricting the flow of blood to them.

Beetroot. It can be found anthocyanins and resveratrol – compounds known for their property to enhance immunity and to prevent the development of cancer.

Turmeric. Perhaps the most powerful antioxidant – curcumin, a component of the popular Indian spice turmeric. Its medicinal properties is difficult to enumerate. According to recent research by a team of Munich, curcumin inhibits the growth of metastases.
It shows anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
One of the most comprehensive reviews of 700 studies of the medicinal value of turmeric belongs to ethnobotany James Duke. According to him, the healing properties of turmeric leave far behind their pharmacological equivalents, and have no side effects.

Grapes and rasveratrol. Rasveratrol – is a phenolic substance which has antioxidant properties, and is contained in red grapes.
Rasveratrolat is not only an antioxidant and antimutagen, it also reduces cell death due to the risk of oxidants.
Perhaps the most valuable feature of rasveratrola is its ability to inhibit cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2). This substance is associated with the onset of malignant tumors, and excessive growth of intestinal tissue. Natural COX-2 inhibitors such as rasveratrola, possess the ability to decrease the number of cancer and precancerous conditions. While pharmaceutical companies are working on the synthesis of substances inhibiting cyclooxygenase-2, the necessary ingredient already exists in red grapes whose use on a daily basis can serve as a natural shield against malignancies.


An alkaline, balanced diet with plenty of nutrients and get as less toxins, makes the body inhospitable to cancer. Sugar foods cancer. Processed and refined foods feed cancer. Raw, organic vegetables, especially when grown for maximum nutrient content (as opposed to large-scale agriculture) should be the foundation of any healthy diet. We also recommend, anyone with cancer to undergo detoxification for the whole body with a regimen of supplement specifically designed for your current health condition.