The wonder Capsaicin – weight loss and something else

capsaicinWhat is Capsaicin?

You eat spicy foods? You can feel the immediate impact by instantly sweating, burning sensation or the specific way in which emphasize the flavors of certain foods. Hot foods get their “heat” from a compound called capsaicin. It is found in most foods or vegetables, distinguished by a noticeable tartness and spicy taste. Recently, the world has gone mad on capsaicin and its properties to reduce fat. But most – recent studies on the effects of capsaicin on people and reveal its many health benefits. If you add some hot spices to your favorite dish, you can make not only tasty, but also healthy.

Although the compound capsaicin is colorless and has no odor, it is in most cases associated with hot peppers. The amount of capsaicin in the pods are measured using the index, according to which pure capsaicin is estimated at 16 million units. Most hot peppers in the world to contain 1.5-1.6 million particles on this scale. Red chilli pepper contains 50 000 units and ordinary peppers only 8000 units. If you have not taken any spicy food, do not start with large doses of them. Start by adding a little hot spices to feel their minimal action.

Capsaicin and weakening

One reason most diets fail is hunger. Therefore, appetite control is very important in any weight loss program. Several studies have shown that the addition of capsaicin to the diet reduces the need for calories at subsequent meals. In other words, if podlyutite or add capsaicin as a supplement to their breakfast will consume fewer calories at lunch. Consumption of foods containing capsaicin promotes temporary increase in body temperature, which contributes to the oxidation of fats rather than oxidation of carbohydrates in the body.
This is precisely the probable reason that spicy foods can help to regulate blood sugar levels after eating. Moreover, the consumption of foods containing capsaicin, as mentioned will bring you the feeling of satiety, which in turn leads to reduced calories and fat intake. For precisely this reason, spicy foods containing capsaicin, are an ideal tool for healthy weight loss.

Capsaicin pain

The chemical structure of the substance capsaicin, causes the excitation of the sensitivity of nerve endings, which in fact causes a specific pain or burning sensation when eaten hot food or touch the skin. Excited neurons release a neurotransmitter that transmits precisely the sensation of pain to the brain. This property of capsaicin makes it extremely valuable natural painkiller. Moreover, creams made from plants that contain large amounts of capsaicin are excellent desensitizing agents for arthritis, muscle pain and back.

Capsaicin and cancer cells

Many hopes are attributed to capsaicin, because of its ability to be fought with cancer cells in the body. The study was conducted which shows that consumption of foods containing capsaicin, tumor cells in the prostate decreased by as much as 80 percent. Another study did demonstrate that capsaicin destroys cancer cells in the lung and pancreas, without destroying the adjacent healthy tissues. Capsaicin eliminate cancer cells by activation of mitochondria in the cells, that induce apoptosis or cell self-destruction. I would not be surprised if, after a dozen years of research, capsaicin become a valuable tool for preventing and fighting cancer.

Other benefits of capsaicin

Adding a few hot peppers to your diet during the winter months can help you to avoid the traditional weight gain in the winter winter. Hot foods containing capsaicin, are recommended for frequent colds, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis and bronchopneumonia, as it enhances immunity and has anti-inflammatory action. It is believed that capsaicin perform protective action and the risk of heart attack or stroke, because it enhances the body’s ability to dissolve blood clots. Capsaicin has another curious effect – acts as an aphrodisiac (described by Paavo Airola in his book about the secrets of rejuvenation from around the world). So vain countries spicy foods. Accepted in moderation, they will be of great benefit to you.

Spiced meals tonight!


guaranaGuarana is extracted from the seeds of a South American tree, Guarana extract used for centuries as a morning coffee tribes living along the Amazon River. Sateré-Maue tribes who live along the river and its tributaries Maues grown Guarana. Guarana fruit really like the human eye, Guarana seeds are like the iris of an eye.
Guarana has long been revered for its energetic and healing properties since the late 17th century. During the colonial period, Guarana has been sold as a stimulant, tonic, antidote to fever, preventively against hardening of the arteries in the treatment of migraine. Guarana is considered to be particularly effective in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery. But as with any product, overdoing it can cause problems.
Guarana is cultivated in small and large farms, or uniform or with other cultures. Guarana is harvested by hand in the dry season and it is quite labor intensive. If whole bunch fruit is ripe, it is cut with scissors (pruning shears) or breaks manually. If only a few fruit are ripe, they are individual service under the chuppah. Then  fruits are collected in a basket and stored. Before roasting the seeds, the red envelope of Guarana should be removed. The fruits are separated by hand, and then soaked in water, or simply be stored for several days while the shell softens.

Unique natural source of energy. Guarana is available as a dietary supplement because of the high content of caffeine, with which it became popular and is used as a natural energy. For many years, it is believed that the toning effect of guarana is because the content of guaranin specific substance, which is located in the plant. Subsequent made a number of research, it appears that this is due solely to the content of the caffeine contained in the seeds of guarana. Guarana is one of the richest in caffeine plants by more than three times the caffeine content in coffee (2% -kofein coffee, guarana caffeine 6%) Around 60 species of plants contain caffeine including coffee, divided between seven plant families. Guar seeds also contain theobromine and theophylline, other alkaloids from the group of xanthine. Xanthine protect plants from attack by insect pests, pathogens and herbivores. In humans, xanthines stimulate the central nervous system, increased gastric acid secretion and is used as a bronchodilator and a diuretic.

How does Guarana

In Brazil, traditionally used seeds of guarana for colds, headaches, or bacterial infections. Taking guarana extract helps mental activity dramatically poshava concentration and calms the brain. People who inhabited it for centuries used guarana as a herb which stimulates sexual power. In guarana forum shared the opinion that if mixed with coffee, guarana extract enhances the effects of caffeine and gives extra energy and tone:

  • There  opinion  guarana extract that energizes the entire organism
  • Guarana supplements, improve brain function
  • intake guarana tea, guarana powder, or various types of guarana extract
    reduces fatigue
  • Guarana loss-plant Paullinia cupana, uskuryava breakdown of fat, this action of guarana makes guarana extract, effective weight loss supplement
  •  increases the volume of blood vessels
  •  helps to relax smooth muscle in the bronchi of the lung

Others coffee and drinks that contain caffeine consumed during the day to maintain the tone of the person. Caffeine improves emotional state and sense of alertness when there is not enough sleep. This makes guarana suitable dietary supplement for night work.

The properties of guarana are not yet fully studied and published research results are sometimes contradictory. Some argue that taking guarana extract does not affect your cognitive abilities or improve mood, but anyone who accept drinks with caffeine will confirm this action. Naturally it was short-lived and should not overdo it. There are people who use guarana supplements to improve physical or sexual opportunities, but there is no real evidence to confirm such action  fruit.

Prolonged intake of guarana supplement observed weight loss, but this is again due to the caffeine content, which helps reduce excess weight. For more secure effect to weaken recommended combining caffeine with polyphenol ingredients of green tea or green coffee, which means that a combination of guarana green coffee has a good effect.