9-Year-Old Russian Painter Sells His Art to Support Shelter Animals

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9-year-old Pavel Abramov has proven that when it comes to making a difference in the lives of others, age doesn’t matter.

When it comes to solving problems that have stumped people for a lifetime, kids are wonders.

Pavel has shown his ingenuity by combining his love for art with his passion for animals. This native of the small Russian city of Arzamas creates portraits of animals and exchanges them for animal supplies.

The Projects

The little boy had started a project fondly termed “Kid Paintbrush” with his mother, Ekaterina Bolshakova. The idea took root in his little yet brilliant mind when his family lost a four-legged friend. He knew that he couldn’t ignore the animals that wandered about in his city.

He and mom also spearheaded a group “What is a little volunteer capable of?” on Russian social media site VK.com. It has proven that young ones have humongous capacities to make significant changes to a troubled world.

Pavel has business savvy too. He strikes deals with pet owners to paint their pets if they donate porridge and pet food to his cause. He knows his subjects by name and often has follow-up meetings with them after he paints them. They tell him stories of how pet rescues, which motivates him to continue his painting journey.

His initiative has gone beyond Arzamas city. People the world over are keen to have their pets painted while donating to a charitable cause. Hence, his artwork has traveled to countries like Spain, Germany and will move to other countries soon.

He is the youngest person to volunteer at the only shelter at Arzamas that houses over 100 dogs.

Pavel’s art

Pavel’s artwork has made a valuable difference in the lives of pets worldwide. Chuck’s painting, for instance, sold for 10 cans of dog food and 5kg of buckwheat.

Portrait of Chuck

And there’s cuddly Kyusha, whose, picture sold for 6 kg of dog food, buckwheat, bandages, and medicine.

Portrait of Kyusha

Timofey’s cute likeness charmed a buyer who exchanged a set of medicines and dog collars for it.

Portrait of Timofey

Of course, there’s Jesse, whose portrait secured 7kg of Offal and 3 kg of buckwheat.

Portrait of Jesse

Pavel paints hamsters too. A portrait of these cute fellows went for 4 kg of canned dog meats, a Roy, a leash, and 2.5 kg of dry food.

Hamster portrait

There’s lovable Pomeranian Oynx, whose portrait went for 3kg of dog food, a quarter kg of oatmeal, 4 kg of pearl barley, and dog treats.

Finally, there’s the dashing Basi, whose likeness Pavel exchanged for 19 kg of buckwheat and 10kg of barley.

Portrait of Basi

Altruism starts young but is not a concept bound by age.

Image credit: Pavel Abramov via Instagram and VK

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