8 Signs of a One-Way Relationship: Are You in One?

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Relationships should be 50/50, but sometimes this isn’t the case. Some people find themselves in one-way relationships. Do you know what a one-way relationship is?

Well, it sure isn’t a happy situation, at least for the one who’s doing all the work. When you’re dating or even married things should be balanced in order for both parties to be happy. Love, commitment, and basic care should always be the same between two people in an intimate union.

Why do people get involved in one-way relationships?

Honestly, most people don’t know they’re relationship isn’t 50/50. To them, the actions may seem normal, their self-esteem could play a part, and many other factors could blind someone from seeing the truth of the relationship. That’s why we have to know the signs of this sort of situation.

Signs of an unbalanced relationship

1. You initiate everything

Whether it’s the calls, texts, or even intimacy, you are always the one who starts the process. You are probably the only one making plans to go out or even visiting your partner, that is when you’re not yet married. If you’re married, you definitely initiate most everything, unless your mate already wants to do it for themselves. It has to be a selfish desire if they initiate anything.

2. You’re making excuses for him

If you ever catch yourself making excuses for your boyfriend’s behavior, then you could be in a one-way relationship. Your parents, friends, or other loved ones may start to notice little things about him that seem a little off, but you will always come to his rescue. I remember doing the same thing in my first marriage.

My husband was abusive, my parents noticed, and they warned me. I told them he was just going through some serious problems at the time. Just face it, if you’re making excuses, you’re in the wrong relationship.

3. You always apologize

Yeah sure, sometimes the fight is your fault, but not all the time. There is rarely a relationship where all the fault goes to one person. If your girlfriend refuses to take responsibility for her part of the disagreement or issue, then the relationship’s balance is off. Maybe you think you’re keeping the peace by apologizing all the time, but you’re only letting them take advantage of you.

4.  You share, they don’t

When you’re in a healthy relationship, you share things with each other. This could be tangible things, but the most important things are mental things. You shouldn’t be the only one sharing stories about yourself to your partner, or sharing your deepest faults and feelings. If they aren’t doing the same, they are definitely creating an imbalance and not only that, they are keeping up with everything you say in case they need to use it against you.

While not everyone uses facts to hurt people, when some relationships end, one person uses what they know about the other and smears their ex-partner’s reputation. Watch out.

5. You have to ask for favors

Do you often find yourself having to ask for favors that you gladly do for your husband? Well, this is a sign of a one-way situation. If you’re shopping and pick up some small treat, you will probably think of your husband. Will he do the same for you when he’s out?  You have to pay attention to these small things as well in order to understand the direction the relationship is going.

6. You’re just not happy

And then there’s getting right to the point. Maybe you aren’t happy with your wife. Maybe you thought you had many things in common but realized that wasn’t true. There could be some attributes or characteristics that were exposed during the first part of the marriage, and now you’re trying to make it work. If both of you aren’t trying, then you are probably incredibly unhappy. You’re living a fake life with a  fake marriage.

7. Your partner ignores problems in the relationship

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship, and if you cannot use it, then the relationship is doomed. If one person is trying to communicate problems in the union, and you brush them off or get angry, then this is one-sided behavior. You cannot fix a problem unless both parties are involved in the discussion, and yes, there needs to be a discussion.

8. You second guess your own mind

One of the worst parts of being in a one-way marriage or union is second-guessing yourself. Here’s what that means: If you’ve ever lived alone after leaving your parent’s home, then hopefully you’ve discovered the basics of who you are.  When you enter a one-way relationship, after a while, your partner will have you questioning who you really are…even those basics you discovered while being alone.

This is usually done to get you off-kilter and prove you wrong, in case you’re in an argument. Never ever let your partner make you second guess your worth.

Do you recognize any of these signs?

Being in an unbalanced relationship is horrific. I’ve been there, and more than once. It seems I have a hard time learning my lesson about dating people who don’t pull their weight. If you are in a one-way relationship, then you’re not the only one. There are so many people, women, and men, who are struggling to make their relationship work right at this very moment. But unfortunately, not all of them will stay together.

On the other hand, fortunately yet, not all of them will stay together. If one person is never willing to pull it back to 50/50, then you’re actually better off alone than with someone who will never really appreciate you. So study these signs, understand what they mean to you, and decide what you need to do for your relationship.

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