Winter depressed!

Not least those who are experiencing particularly difficult transition to fall and winter season. With the onset of bad weather and cold days for them the world is getting darker and gray. This time they lived in a depressing sad past summer and setting that have yet Broaching months with less sun, less fun, more work and sitting at home.

Signs of winter depression can be a feeling of  helplessness and sadness, lack of joy from happy experiences and events in everyday life, irritability, increased fatigue, sleep disturbances, changes in appetite, which varies in extremes – one loss and sharply download weight loss or overeating and weight gain.

How to deal:

  •  Try as much as possible to take advantage of the sun and daylight, although their intensity is much weaker than the warmer months. Daily walks will help the release of serotonin, resulting in your mood will improve.
  •  If you need to spend most of the day at home or in the office, be sure to sit as close to the window to have a light touch.
  •  Research on this question made so far show that the artificial light also is good, so if you work at night and let the light be as strong.
  •  Take more seasonal fruits and vegetables and avoid heavy, unhealthy food preparations. Furthermore, it is important that you take herbal products to make your body what food to fail.
  •  Exercise – movement provokes the production of hormones like serotonin.
  •  Go to bed at relatively the same time.
  •  Be active, go out with friends, meet up with more people, have fun.

For comparison, autumn depression soothing as the previous summer period the body is sufficiently stocked with much needed serotonin. In winter, however, these stocks are very depleted, and one must look for ways to cope with depression and melancholic.

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