Unconsciously ejaculatory – how to we influence it with herbs?

For spermatorrhoea mentioned in involuntary ejaculation during sleep. Usually happens during sleep at night or early in the morning before waking. Spermatorrhoea is common in men, but can also occur in women as a spontaneous orgasm.

Spermatorrhoea is mainly due to erotic dreams. Common in sexually inactive life, and thus vented sexual tension.

If spermatorrhoea occurs too often, the man’s health can suffer. Reference is reproductive damage, reduce sperm count, mental weakness, poor vision, dizziness, insomnia, poor memory, and more.

It is recommended that therapy using herbal products.

Additives with a powerful combination of herbs, aphrodisiacs and natural nutrients can effectively solve the problem of pollution. They successfully improve libido, sexual performance and health of the man, and reduces the incidence of premature ejaculation.

Lemon balm tea or tops of hemp enhance parasympathetic nervous system and pelvic muscles, thereby improving sexual performance in men.

Tea is recommended not to drink just before bedtime. Specialists advise bladder is empty, you can also reduce involuntary ejaculation.

In addition to the production of beer, hops flowers can be used in the treatment of nocturnal emission due to nerve calming effects of the herb. Hops can be consumed as a supplement to, or ready to prepare drinkable brew.

Masturbation is also an effective method against pollution, but it also should not be overdone.

When ejaculation is often unconsciously recommended consultation with a specialist to avoid aggravating the problem.

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