The most common causes about stress

Everywhere this are work and the monetary problems, but there are other shows consultation.

This is the purpose of the study, organized by the Associated Press and the company Ipsos. Have been collected and analyzed by 10 leading countries in the world. In each of them between 13 and 26 November 2006 were surveyed 1,000 adult respondents.

What are the causes about stress of citizens a most dynamically developing countries?

  1. Australia. More than a third of respondents (35%) think the work of a major source of stress. There follow the financial problems (27%) and family life (24%). 3/4 of the population of the country (77%) are in a state of daily stress.

  2. UK. 51% of Britons believe they are under stress. Finance excite them in 32% of cases and work – in 26%. Family life brings them at least concerns.

  3. Canada. Often or sometimes in mental stalemate covered 76% of Canadians say 3/4 of the population. The main factors that they believe are the work or lack of it (32%) and cash problems (28%).

  4. France. Life often or occasionally out of control about 45% of the French. 30% of respondents put the work and financial support for the first place among the causes.

  5. Germany. Germans appear to be quite resistant to stress – only 51% believe that fall into such a state. 28% feel that life is constantly out of control.

  6. Italy. Third of Italians identify work as the main irritant in life, and another 20% have placed primarily financial problems. 3/4 of the population (73%) admit that they often or sometimes find themselves in stressful situations.

  7. Mexico. Daily life is not a stress factor for most Mexicans – only 45% of them believe that sometimes in this state. This is the lowest figure of all countries in which the study was conducted. 38% identify financial problems and 20% work as a source of stress.

  8. Spain. Stress testing of every ten Spaniards. 34% of them believe that the reason for this is the work or lack thereof.

  9. South Korea. There seems everyday stress for most people – with the feeling live 81% of the country’s citizens. The main source of problems are work (33%) and finance (28%).

  10. USA. 3/4 of Americans are confronted constantly with stressful situations. Most – 34% attribute this to financial problems, and 26% – of the work.

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