Teeth: 3 minutes are enough!

For perfect teeth cleaning takes only 3 minutes. Unfortunately, many people do not just forget about it, it does not even meet basic hygiene rules.

Dentists urge brushing after any food intake. Of course, busy day that more often it is impossible, but after eating another mouth can at least rinse with water.

Brushing at least every morning and evening is a must if you want to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

• Moisten your mouth with water or a special solution that helps to soften the coating on the teeth and their removal easier.
• To clean the spaces between teeth use special thread teeth. If you perform this procedure before tooth brushing, your toothbrush will do its job.
• Take at least 10 movements with the brush on both external and on the chewing surfaces of the teeth and the surrounding area palate.
• Movements brush should be and circular and horizontal.

And all this requires only 3 minutes!

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