How to beat insomnia

What is insomnia?
Insomnia is repeated episodes of difficulty sleeping, abnormal duration or quality of sleep, despite adequate time and conditions for sleep. Insomnia is most often transient or short-term, but in some cases can be chronic:

  • Transient lasts about one week. Most often driven by changes like a new job, upcoming exam. Insomnia usually disappears in overcoming stressful agent or adaptation.
  • Short-term insomnia lasts from one to six months due to a sustained stressful factors – death, illness.
  • Any insomnia that lasts more than six months is chronic. It can be associated with many medical and psychiatric conditions, but may also occur primarily in people prone to insomnia.

How many people suffer from insomnia?
About one-third of adults report that they have or have had at least one episode of insomnia in their lifetime. It leads to increased daytime fatigue, reduced performance and concentration. Chronic insomnia respect the quality of life to a degree comparable to chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular disease. Insomnia is also the risk factor for depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug dependence.

Is there a cure?
Treatment of insomnia begins by creating good habits related to sleep. They include:

  • Keeping the same hours of sleep and waking. You should not spend more than necessary time in bed because instead of our refresh, the effect is reversed.
  • Bedtime is advisable to avoid heavy dinners, but should not go to bed hungry.
  • The room should be well ventilated and not too warm.
  • If you suffer from insomnia, forget the afternoon coffee and strong tea.
  • Avoid stimulating activities such as intensive physical exercise, watching TV.

And if it does not work?
If despite a regime insomnia persists, often resorting to drugs acting sedative CNS. The problem with medicines is that many of them lead to dependence and daytime sleepiness. It is advisable to start with herbal products are effective, but at the same time have no side effects with prolonged use.

This product is SleepWell. It contains a specially selected combination of herbs – Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha)
Passiflora incarnate (Passion Flower)
Valeriana officinalis (Valerian)
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)

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