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sexMost people take for a natural young, 20-year love couple indulges in passionate hugs and kisses all day. But what do you think of 50 to 60 year olds families in which the flame of passion has not extinguished and sex for them is still a pleasure? Here are some interesting questions and answers about sex in middle age.

What percentage of people over 45 are satisfied with their sex lives?
The answer is 51%. A multicenter study conducted last year showed that over half (51%) of those over 45 years are fully satisfied with their sex lives. 31% have no opinion and frustration experienced by 23% men and 14% women. Experts say that sex is much more enjoyable with age because couples have reached a different level of intimacy and understanding.

With age, sexual desire decreases.
The answer is “Yes.” As we do not want to age sexual desire and attraction decreases. This occurs both in women and men. Unfortunately for the ladies libido drops two to three times more than the gentlemen. This is due to hormonal changes that occur at menopause. Problems with partners, various diseases, fatigue are the biggest killers of passion.

What percent of men over 50 have sex more than four times a month?
The answer is 35%. A study of English scientists 25% of men over 50 said they scramble to bed four times a month, while 10 percent say they do 2-3 times a week. In comparison, only 20% of women that age report that indulge in amorous caresses each week. With older couples are less sex. 65 to 70 year olds enjoy each other only once a month and over 75 years every few months.

What percentage of adults resort to treatment to maintain an active sex life?
The answer is 64%. Most people over 55 to 60 years used drugs (hormonal or herbal) to deal with sexual problems. Research shows that two thirds were satisfied with the results and tablets helped them regain their passion again.

Middle-aged men who have more sex are at greater risk of heart attack.
The answer is “No”. On the contrary sexually active men have less heart disease than those who have forgotten about the passionate kisses. According to the British study sex protects against heart attack and stroke.

Most men faced with the problem of erectile dysfunction at least once in your life?
The answer is “Yes.” Almost 75% of men had erectile dysfunction at least once. It is estimated that impotence affects older gentlemen who often complain of problems with the prostate and heart. There are already a number of options for dealing with this problem – conventional – Viagra and Levitra to natural – horny goat.

Some medications can cause erectile dysfunction.
The answer is “Yes.” Unfortunately, many medications such as antidepressants, antihistamines, pills for high blood pressure are at the root of impotence. If you have a problem, talk to your doctor if you can change your treatment. Meanwhile, you can take herbal products to increase libido.

Middle-aged men more often have a desire for sex than women.
The answer is “Yes.” Regardless of age, men are more sexually active than women. The basis for this is hormones. In postmenopausal women libido falls sharply.

What is the most common sexual problem for women in menopause?
The answer is low libido. Vaginal dryness, low libido, pain are very common problems in postmenopausal women. Studies show that nearly half of women are confronted with unpleasant sensations. The solution is of herbal products – Femgasm, Nymphomax, which will relieve symptoms.

Healthy middle-aged men are not very interested in sex?
The answer is “No”. Although the sexual desire of both men and women declines with age, it does not disappear completely. Low levels of testosterone can cause a sudden loss of libido in gentlemen. In such cases, they suffer from erectile dysfunction, depression, lack of energy.

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