Cigarettes should quit on time

Experts say that tobacco is deadly in any form – cigarettes, pipe, hookah, snuff. Yet, as the mass campaign, the sale of tobacco products decreases.

Nicotine drug is it? Can we call it a form of tobacco addiction?

Nicotine and some substances which constitute cigarette smoke are psychoactive substances that cause psychological and physical dependence attraction. Whether nicotine is a kind of obsession or addiction addiction is a terminological issue. But if you speak clearly, of course, is the obsession with nicotine addiction.

How is the nicotine addiction?

Why do smokers need another cigarettes?

This is a very individual process. Marked mental or physical dependence on cigarettes is based on average 1-2 years after the start of systematic smoking, but in many cases the attraction occurs immediately after a few cigarettes smoked.
Strong and overwhelming desire to smoke is based on physical and psychological dependence on psychoactive components of the cigarette smoke and smoking process itself – from the peculiar ritual of the feelings of comfort and safety arising in smokers.

Are there age or gender characteristics – who is subjected to the greatest degree of negative influence of nicotine?
It depends on the individual characteristics of the smoker. The age and gender characteristics are not the main thing. A high level of physical dependence on nicotine people are predisposed to certain characteristics, determined by the neurophysiology of the individual.
Psychological studies have shown that a high level of dependence is often determined by immaturity, low self-control over their emotions, etc. Psychologists believe that psychological dependency of smoking is based on “sucking reflex and symbolic regression of the libido before the oral stage of its development.”

If you quit smoking by the time you perform a self-cleansing the body from harmful substances?
It depends on health, age and foremost on at what stage of the so Nicotine Syndrome man refused to smoke. However, if they do not lead to incurable diseases, the body is released over time from the effects of poison from cigarette smoke.
Research suggests that abnormalities of the respiratory organs are offset about 1 year after cessation.

Nicotine withdrawal appear – what are the symptoms after quitting smoking?
The chemical properties of nicotine are addictive.
If you decide to quit smoking, your body will feel its absence and will appear physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms appear after 3-5 days after quitting smoking and last about two weeks.

Here’s a short list of the most common symptoms being prepared for the side effects of quitting. When you know what awaits you will arm yourself with more willpower not to succumb to the habit again. Remember that the discomfort will subside and you will feel much better without nicotine.

Emotional changes:

  •     depression
  •     anger
  •     boredom, ennui
  •     loneliness
  •     mood

Physical changes:

  •     stomach discomfort – cramps, nausea, constipation
  •     problems in the nose and throat
  •     increased appetite
  •     headache
  •     insomnia
  •     concentration problems
  •     weight gain
  •     sweating and tremor of the hands and feet
  •     skin problems

One can I go to give up smoking or need specialists?
Of course you may yourself, especially if formed motivations driven by different circumstances. But if the individual attempts did not lead to success, then need medical attention.

What are the methods to fight nicotine addiction?
In modern medicine, smoking cessation applying different methods. The first group of methods is based on the suggestion in the medical sense of the word. The second group is related to reflexology. The third group includes medicines that replace nicotine and allows the body easier and faster to overcome nicotine withdrawal syndrome.

To what extent are various effective methods of treatment?
Experts applied program based on the combined effects on both the neurophysiology of the smoker and on his personality. This program is highly individual. It is based on information about the specific characteristics of each smoker’s motivation and the nature of the physical and psychological dependency of smoking, personal characteristics, age, gender, level of general culture, etc. There are various types of medical hypnosis and suggestion, as well as other drugs. Some methods used reflexology. To help a person get rid of this harmful depending 1-2 sessions are needed for complex effects.

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