The age and personal weight

The relationship between age and weight is axiomatic – is adopted by all. Quite apart from the millions of calculators that will meet on the Internet, even in the years before computers ideal weight is considered in such formulas linking the age, gender, height and weight. But what are the foundations of this relationship and so steadfast is it?

In infants and small children things are relatively implicit. In the growth phase deviations speak of growth retardation, metabolic or other problems if there is a dispute, it is not our job, it’s a battle of the high echelons professionals to prove or reject the theses. More interesting for us is whether there is a relationship between weight and age at which grown-up people, and how to prove.

Women and men among us gain more when you get older?

Studies of aging clearly demonstrate an important relationship: the dehydration of the body with age and entertaining fusion protein expressed in muscle atrophy, and replaced by fatty deposits. It certainly should not influence weight. But raises issues and barriers, such as “how and how much.” For example, it is well known that due to high testosterone, as well as the other tendencies in the hormonal and dietary aspect men accumulate significantly more muscle in active age.

On the other hand fat is significantly lighter than the muscles and even the water, which is expected to receive the following “equation” – men may lose weight with age. Women who generally take less water and have less muscle, the same process can be expressed in a mean increase in personal weight.

Of course, this is conditional on a much more accurate calculations on individual cases, but the guy who got 20 cm of waist circumference will surely weigh more than before. Men when they go to a sedentary lifestyle, tend to have a bite and thus “parasitic” gain weight in age.

On the other hand, women have serious possible loss of weight from another aspect: osteoporosis. Eventually the correct account is somewhere around slowly upload for men and for women there is a faster upload but fast reversing when certain stable weight of muscle and adipose tissue.

For illustration, I will present the principal table buzzle for average weight of Americans age:


Aged men (years) 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69
Weight men (kg) 75.5 80 82 84 83.5
Aged women (years) 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69
Women Weight (kg) 59.5 67 69 71.5 68.5


 What caused the change in weight with age?

We said to metabolic changes hormonal imbalance and “wear out” cell. To him we can add and wear on joints and ligaments, leading to difficulty in movement, and osteoporosis – frequent guest for women in old age. But there is another, and it is a natural tendency to reduce movement and activity with age.

The obvious answer should be increased activity. The diet should be available already in line with the new conditions and the requirement of health. Experimental diets promising “maximum + Short result” are not recommended. Need a lot of protein, mostly from light meat like fish and chicken, and slow carbs.

Physical activity is the result of free choice, fitness is not required in some cases, such as osteoporosis, is not advisable for a person who is not sure what it does, but it can be compensated for by its own weight exercises, running, aerobics or other gymnastics. Load must simulate loading in younger years, but looser.

This opens the question of how continually trained to understand that it is time to reduce the load and that age already makes a difference. Nobody wants to hear, right?

The first sign is permanently reduced motivation overload. It is better not to wait until the next manifestation, such as a drop in power because it can lead to extreme unintended injuries. Can be said that there is an age barrier, which certainly comes with time, and it is about 70 years for men and 55-60 for women when inevitably lose strength and endurance are perceptive and go gradually and imperceptibly.

Lower age threshold for women corresponds with osteoporosis and early menopause, it must not be forgotten that moderate physical activity can help against some of these problems.

These changes are reflected in the calculation of body mass indices, such as indexation, however, are different in different formulas.

There is nothing tragic in personal weight change in age. Rather, it is normal and expected. The important thing for us is that it is predictable and reasonable enough approach can manage it successfully.

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