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How to improve sleep in the hot summer nights?

SleepWell - Natural Sleeping AidWarm summer nights affect our sleep. Often sleep seems almost impossible …

It was found that lack of sleep leads to irritability, mood swings, difficulty focusing and concentration. A constant lack of sleep is associated with high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Scientists believe that cold room helps you sleep more efficiently. It is believed that the ideal temperature for sleeping in the bedroom is between 16-17 C °.

So in very hot nights must provide a suitable atmosphere for restful sleep.

Here’s what experts give advice:

  • To maintain a cool room where we sleep, experts recommend blinds on the windows during the day are brought down, thick curtains drawn.
  • To create a comfortable environment for sleep in the bedroom during the summer, helps cool the room air conditioner or fan.
  • Be careful with the air conditioner! Your body cools at night. Body temperature decreased during the second stage of sleep and reaches its lowest point about four hours after the onset of sleep. So if our sleep is very hot, but at a later time can be cold. Position yourself near blanket or stop balmy device.
  • Selection of appropriate bed linen, a light fabric is also important to feel good.
  • Isolate and unnecessary noises that can interfere with the tranquility of sleep.
  • Taking a cool bath or shower before bedtime also helps to cool.
  • Two hours before bedtime may take one capsule of herbal favstore Sleep Well. Sleep well is a fine blend of herbs that will help you have a good nights sleep and have you feeling fresh in the morning.
  • Not recommended for intense physical activity before bedtime.
  • Limit consumption of coffee. Do not drink caffeinated beverages after 14 hours.


Must sex to be naughty to be interesting?

sex One of the biggest fears before intercourse is that it can be boring.

Many people rely on diversity, tantalizing the different roles, the use of sex toys, etc.

But you must have sex is naughty and toys to be interesting? Do not you then lose the notion of who we really love?

Of course, diversity is a good thing, keep the desire and surprise, but should be used sparingly and sometimes. Otherwise, the partner so accustomed to the image of the nurse, nun, lawyer, stripper, that moment the woman stand before him like myself it can not be aroused and not lust after her. The opposite also applies.

Beware of offers that can make your partner, swing or trio can be misunderstood and instead of variety in the bedroom to insert distrust, depression and uncertainty.

Try to find a balance between imagination and reality. To avoid monotony and boredom, experts advise to emphasize the change of positions and places for love. The bed was comfortable, but not the only place where you can achieve orgasm.

This will diversify, experiment and will stay themselves. And is not this exactly the desired effect?