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How to improve sleep in the hot summer nights?

SleepWell - Natural Sleeping AidWarm summer nights affect our sleep. Often sleep seems almost impossible …

It was found that lack of sleep leads to irritability, mood swings, difficulty focusing and concentration. A constant lack of sleep is associated with high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Scientists believe that cold room helps you sleep more efficiently. It is believed that the ideal temperature for sleeping in the bedroom is between 16-17 C °.

So in very hot nights must provide a suitable atmosphere for restful sleep.

Here’s what experts give advice:

  • To maintain a cool room where we sleep, experts recommend blinds on the windows during the day are brought down, thick curtains drawn.
  • To create a comfortable environment for sleep in the bedroom during the summer, helps cool the room air conditioner or fan.
  • Be careful with the air conditioner! Your body cools at night. Body temperature decreased during the second stage of sleep and reaches its lowest point about four hours after the onset of sleep. So if our sleep is very hot, but at a later time can be cold. Position yourself near blanket or stop balmy device.
  • Selection of appropriate bed linen, a light fabric is also important to feel good.
  • Isolate and unnecessary noises that can interfere with the tranquility of sleep.
  • Taking a cool bath or shower before bedtime also helps to cool.
  • Two hours before bedtime may take one capsule of herbal favstore Sleep Well. Sleep well is a fine blend of herbs that will help you have a good nights sleep and have you feeling fresh in the morning.
  • Not recommended for intense physical activity before bedtime.
  • Limit consumption of coffee. Do not drink caffeinated beverages after 14 hours.

Must sex to be naughty to be interesting?

sex One of the biggest fears before intercourse is that it can be boring.

Many people rely on diversity, tantalizing the different roles, the use of sex toys, etc.

But you must have sex is naughty and toys to be interesting? Do not you then lose the notion of who we really love?

Of course, diversity is a good thing, keep the desire and surprise, but should be used sparingly and sometimes. Otherwise, the partner so accustomed to the image of the nurse, nun, lawyer, stripper, that moment the woman stand before him like myself it can not be aroused and not lust after her. The opposite also applies.

Beware of offers that can make your partner, swing or trio can be misunderstood and instead of variety in the bedroom to insert distrust, depression and uncertainty.

Try to find a balance between imagination and reality. To avoid monotony and boredom, experts advise to emphasize the change of positions and places for love. The bed was comfortable, but not the only place where you can achieve orgasm.

This will diversify, experiment and will stay themselves. And is not this exactly the desired effect?

Erectile dysfunction – not always because of illness!

Erectile dysfunctionIn my office cute enter a young boy. His whole radiation creates a feeling of anxiety and tension. After a moment, sitting on the couch begins his story in a low and uncertain voice.

“Six months ago parted with his girlfriend. Much he loves her, but she chose to be with my best friend. This totally killed me. Closed and some days not left the house. Then my mother, who is a psychiatrist, decided I have depression and after consulting with her colleague, I was appointed antidepressants. As never before I did not take such preparations, read the label and saw that these drugs may impair erections. This bothered me a lot as a reasons to break up with my girlfriend was a random glitch, which it interprets very painful.
A week after I started taking antidepressants, I noticed that my morning erection disappeared. I was worried and tried to masturbate, but the excitement was very lifeless and without emptying get my members to be fully cured. It made me crazy. I was afraid that these pills will make me permanently impotent and that will condemn me of loneliness and isolation. The more rummaging on the Internet, the more I learned about different options my erectile function is permanently impaired.
Finally, courage and shared their concerns with my mother and she called on fellow urologist with whom I set up a meeting. The man examined me and said I probably nothing, but just in case he sent me to make my hormonal profile studies of cholesterol and triglycerides. Although the results were normal, urologist decided to treat me with any hormonal agent. This further reinforced my feeling that perhaps I’m suffering from a serious illness, but doctors try to soothe me by telling me that I had nothing.
So half a year I was with a woman and think about this possibility fills me with real horror.
What if I fail to excite or lose your erection? This certainly would indicate that I have erectile dysfunction, why any woman would want to be with me. In this situation it really worth living at all! ”

What analysis can do this poignant story?


Depressive reaction to separation from a loved one is natural and normal. This temporary state of anxiety has nothing to do with “depressive disorder”, which requires medical treatment and hospitalization in a psychiatric institution. Challenge for any mature person is the development of skills to overcome such losses and build attitudes that make it possible to move forward. In order to formally used the occasion – instant backlash and negative impact of antidepressants on erections in such a situation much more would be adequate psycho therapeutic support for medical treatment. Unfortunately, however, many older doctors have no idea about the possibilities of modern psychotherapy and prefer to rely on pills.


Even using the support of the antidepressant drug, a psychiatrist must warn patients about potential side effects in order to prevent any disturbing effects and unnecessary fears. If this had happened, apocalyptic thought of “permanent impotence” would not be entrenched in the minds of our patient.


Normal time in the practice of Urologists work with men who share erection problems, was initially to exclude organic disorder being satisfied with explanations like “psychological basis” or “mental soil”. However, it needs a man concerned is a comprehensive presentation of the mechanisms by which anxiety and introspection cause spasm arteries of the penis and make erection impossible.


The therapeutic support in a similar situation involves not “enhance sexuality” through unreasonable administration of hormonal and psychological support to cope with feelings of loss, support and motivation for establishing new social contacts and strengthen the confidence that any new relationship a chance to more satisfying and meaningful relationships. Because in a situation similar to that described above, one is often inclined to observe and thus prevents the occurrence of spontaneous erections in erotic interaction with the sexual partner, an important element of support to overcome the problem is the temporary use of PDE5 inhibitor. These are the most modern tools that facilitate the occurrence of erections during erotic experience and ensure its stability during the contact, as blocking the natural termination mechanisms of erection. After several successful contact, the dosage of these drugs can be gradually reduced and they should be stopped. Thus, these dramatic episodes would be overcome elegantly and securely.

Prof. Rumen Bostandjiev, MD

Aggressive are you? Do not have enough dopamine!

Your Favorite Herbal storePeople with lower levels of dopamine responded more aggressively in certain situations, experts say. The conclusion of the study was surprising even for scientists.

There are partners from 18 people about 20 years old. Volunteers are placed in conflict situations. In addition to their reactions was monitored and the level of dopamine by brain scan.

The results show that at lower levels of dopamine are observed aggressive reactions. Expectations of the researchers were higher levels of dopamine to be reflected in aggressive behavior and not vice versa.

The survey results should be considered prior to publication in peer-reviewed medical journal.

Dopamine acts as a neurotransmitter and hormone processes in the brain. Obtained by fusion of levodopa (3,4-dihydroxy-L-phenylalanine) and is associated with metabolism in the body.

Since dopamine produced a number of neurotransmitters such as epinephrine (adrenaline) and nor epinephrine (noradrenaline).

Functions in the body dopamine through activation of specific meta-Bottrop receptors. Receptors consist of seven membrane-fricatives segments, divided into five classes D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5. Each class meets for a function in the body.

As a neurotransmitter, dopamine is involved in regulating multiple processes in the central and peripheral nervous system. As a hormone is involved in the regulation of the kidney.

Hypo – or overactive dopamine leads to a number of psychiatric and neurological diseases. This group includes Parkinson’s disease.

Is there an herb that stimulates dopamine? Yes, this is ginseng.

Ginseng Ginkgo biloba similar increases blood flow to the legs and genitals. Moreover, the plant helps to boost sexual desire in women. This is due to the fact that ginseng stimulates the production of dopamine – the hormone of pleasure. In a study of French scientists for more than half the volunteers who took ginseng daily reported that their sexual desire has increased. The plant is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, as it contains phytoestrogens.

Favstore offers its herbal Panax Ginseng