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Beat stress with pomegranate juice

 pomegranate juice

Your boss is harassing colleagues not doing their job , you have a bunch of tasks … For many people, stress is something that can not handle and causes many diseases . The good news came from a group of English scientists , according to pomegranate juice helps to overcome stress in the workplace.

Pomegranate juice helps to overcome stress at work and at the same time makes us more enthusiastic about the tasks in the office, according to researchers .

Volunteers who participated in the study consumed 500 milliliters of pomegranate juice a day for two weeks. At the beginning and at the end of the test is measured level of the pulse thereof. In addition, they completed a questionnaire in which they explained their feelings and attitudes about their work.

After the expiration of the two weeks in which the volunteers consumed pomegranate juice , feelings such as guilt , anxiety , shame, are less common in the questionnaire . Considered and normalizing the level of the pulse . Almost all who participated in the experiment are more enthusiastic , active, inspired , compared with the period before it.

The team from the University “Queen Margaret ” in Edinburgh , said that the findings will be useful for all those who are busy during the workday and daily face stressful situations. Scientists say that because of pomegranate juice , people will alleviate chronic stress and improve your overall health .

It has been shown that it is the pomegranate juice supplies the body with a wide variety of useful materials. In a previous study conducted by the same researchers found that after a month consumption of a bottle of pomegranate juice per day in middle-aged men is reducing the formation of fat cells in the abdomen .

Furthermore, reducing the risk of heart disease, kidney disease , and seizures .

Pomegranate juice is high in antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals in the body. For this reason, scientists attribute its properties to fight tumors , heart disease and aging.


Romantic mood plate

romantic mood plate

Amy Riley, who holds a master’s degree in gastronomy from “Le Cordon Blyu” revealed six of the best natural aphrodisiacs that can revive the adventures in the bedroom.

Figs are loaded with manganese, magnesium, vitamin E and zinc, which are essential for sexual health.

Watermelon does contain citrulline, which signals the body to release arginine, which relaxes blood vessels – an effect similar to Viagra.

Champagne is another aphrodisiac. It enters the bloodstream faster than wine, so drink less of it.

Rosemary is a herb that will facilitate the digestion of the meal of seduction, not to focus circulation in the stomach.

Chillies reproduce symptoms of agitation: red cheeks, tingling in the tongue and swollen lips for kissing attractive. It will also increase and body temperature.

Bell released ten times more endorphins than chocolate, which improves mood.

Riley added that combining the right ingredients, nutrients and intentions, makes food aphrodisiac.

From the mysteries of sexual myths … for

 mysteries of sexual myths

Myth: The most important sex organs are “under the belly.”
Truth: Although these areas pleasures, the most important sex organ is the brain. It is always possible to choose their attitude toward sex and their own sexuality. Feeling that their welcome is a powerful aphrodisiac. If you believe that no one can resist you, then your partner will perceive it that way. Passion is contagious!

Myth: Libido is unnecessary if you have no partner.
Truth: It is important to have a love relationship with ourselves. Even now you are without a partner feel that you are sensual and desirable, will horrify many aspects of your life. Practice is needed to find out what turns you on and what would an excited Would-be partner. Delivery of pleasure is an important skill and if you learn how to do it, you’ll enjoy it, as in moments of solitude, and with a future partner.

Myth: The lack of libido only women suffer.
Truth: The problem with reduced sexual desire is more common in women but sometimes men suffer from it. Low libido can be caused by alcohol and drugs, the adoption of certain medications, stress, hormonal disorders (such as low testosterone), a brain tumor that produces the hormone prolactin, diabetes and other serious diseases like cancer and others.

Myth: The only reason for low libido in women have hormonal problems.
Truth: There are hormonal disorders that affect libido worse by low estrogen or testosterone, low thyroid function and high cortisol from stress, but there are many other causes of reduced desire. These are some physical problems like pain in the vulva and vagina during sex or vaginal dryness. Surgery, diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis can also reduce libido. Also, relationship problems, depression, cigarette use and alcohol abuse, weight problems, etc.

From the mysteries of sexual myths …

sexual myths

Specialist in hormonal disorders – Alicia Stanton, who is also the author of “Hormone Harmony” contradicts the 9 of the widespread sexual myths:

Myth: With the onset of menopause decreased interest in sex.
Reality: Many women keep their hormonal balance and interest in sex during menopause. Sex becomes even more due to spontaneous release of menstruation and fear of pregnancy. Furthermore, women in this age are more confident and more aware of their desires, which sex they can become more satisfactory than ever.

Myth: Testosterone is the only hormone important for libido.
Reality: Although testosterone is very important for libido and sexual function of men and women, there are other hormones that have an impact. In fact, estrogen is very important for sexual desire, both men and women. High levels of cortisol – a hormone that mobilizes us in dangerous situations, prejudicial to the libido.

Myth: When a person is truly in love, the desire for strong libido and sex appear without a problem.
Truth: To build relationships and real relationship takes time and effort. Like any thing holding, peer relationships also require special attention. Set among the top priorities of the partner interests and discover new ways to maintain cohesion and passion.

Myth: Healthy people are at any time desire for sex.
Truth: The appetite for sex and level of libido are very different in different people. If both your partner are satisfied with their sexual activity means that enough sex. Not necessarily have to compare with others.

Myth: You should not share your desires with your partner.
Truth: Even if you do not have the habit of discussing sexual relations with your partner, gather courage and start talking. This is especially true when entering a new phase of life, birth, menopause or andropause. When you notice changes in your body or desire for sex, tell your partner about it. Sharing your feelings always enriches the experience of couples.

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