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  • The best food – to reduce cholesterol
  •  cholesterolFiber and healthy fats should be a mandatory part of the diet of anyone who has a problem with high cholesterol.

    Cholesterol represents thick, wax-like substance in the body that is contrary to the common understanding is not harmful for our body, but absolutely necessary for its functioning. However, large amounts of cholesterol can build up in the walls of arteries and form plaque. A high level of cholesterol in the blood stream and cause the development of heart disease.

    Compliance with good diet and doing regular exercise is the best way to reduce cholesterol and prevent related diseases and conditions.

    That is what foods will help to lower cholesterol levels in the blood:


    Nuts are considered useful food, lowering the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. The beneficial effect behave the presence of mono-unsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats help reduce bad cholesterol and so protect us from developing heart disease in the future. All health experts advise eating a handful of nuts every day to take advantage of their beneficial qualities.

    Nuts that contain high amount of monounsaturated fats are almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts and walnuts. Besides healthy fats, nuts also contain fiber, which also contribute to lowering the cholesterol level in the body. But it is important to not eat more than a handful of nuts a day because they contain and saturated fats that are harmful for the body.


    Fish also helps to lower blood cholesterol. Mackerel, salmon, herring and tuna contain good amounts of monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acid. Nutritionists recommend that you include in your weekly diet at least 2-3 meals of fish to limit cholesterol. If you do not like fish, we can take supplements of fish oil, which are also full of useful fatty acids.


    Oats contain a lot of soluble fiber, which helps to lower bad cholesterol and raising levels of good cholesterol in the blood stream. Satisfactory effect it is recommended to consume about 20 g of soluble fiber per day. A bowl of oatmeal provides us with about 5 g of them. If we add to breakfast and some fruit, such as blueberries, we will add another 3-4 g fiber, and taste better.


    Beans are also considered particularly useful in lowering bad cholesterol. Experts recommend consumption of beans to improve heart health. According to the results of studies conducted, beans helps lower cholesterol by nearly 9% over a period of 8-9 months.

    Beans contain high amount of insoluble fiber – only one cup quantity is 10-12 This makes it especially useful for the overall health of the body. We have to try to include a variety of dishes with beans in the daily menu – to take advantage of its benefits.

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  • 5 Tips for penis enlargement
  • penis enlargementIt is no longer strange when talking about improving sexual function in men, but there are still concerns and taboos in effect on this topic.Often meet men who do not wish to share their experience penis enlargement through various natural products, such as tablets, penis extenders or exercises.

    This may be due to the fact that few people manage to find a suitable, neutral and safe program to improve sexual function and increasing male sexual organ.

    Everyone who was interested would have refuted the claim that as a general lack of information about this issue. This perhaps was the case. However, most of these articles and sites are written for advertising purposes or are based on the basis of rumors.

    We offer you 5 tips to improve sexual function in men.


    Abdominal fat often affect the overall appearance of a person. Usually they affect not only the structure of the body, but often make the penis look smaller.

    This is not only because these so unwanted fat can make your penis to create that impression, but also because of similar body structure, you can create the impression of a man who is more chunky than it actually is.

    Tablets penis enlargement

    Natural products for penis enlargement and also can have a positive effect. Certain natural products, such Naturamax can give very good results. In fact, the positive side of the tablets of this type is limiting problems associated with premature ejaculation, rapid loss of erection and reduced libido.


    Consumption of fruits, nuts, vegetables and some fish such as tuna and salmon can have a very good effect on your good performance in bed. Remember that the more rich in potassium, zinc, magnesium and other vitamins and minerals is the food you eat, so it increases your chances to improve their sexual function, and this will definitely send positive signals on your penis. It is even penis enlargement.


    Yoga or Tai Chi would act exclusively on balancing your mental and physical condition. Also, their practice has a strong beneficial effect on improving overall sexual function in men.

    There are cases in which the practice of Yoga and taking natural pills to increase your penis, there is a result that even if the practitioner is not expected to achieve.

    Poses during intercourse

    If you think that your penis size is not big enough, it is better to make a consultation with a specialist, rather than leave things on your own judgment. However, you can try different postures help to deeper penetration.

    This of course will not make your penis size bigger, but at least it will create such a sensation. One of these positions is when a woman is alone on top and control the ingress of members. Another pose for deeper penetration is when the woman is on its side and you’re on it. Methods is not limited to these two positions, but even with them you will have a full intercourse, from which both a pleasure.

    In general it can be concluded that these 5 tips will give an opportunity to improve your sexual function, but they would have a serious effect on the continued enlargement of the size of your penis. For this you can refer to various programs that would have a beneficial effect.

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  • Keeping people malnourished and hungry boosts corporate profits, study finds
  • (NaturalNews) It would not be a good idea to shop at a department store on an empty belly. The hungrier a person is, the more willing they are to buy not only food, but also clothes, toys, tools — any kind of nonfood item. According to new findings from the University of Minnesota’s…

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    Keeping people malnourished and hungry boosts corporate profits, study finds

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